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How to update gateway 3ds card to gateway 3ds V2.1 OMEGA

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If you want to enjoy these functions , just buy a gateway 3ds for yourself from here : gateway 3ds
If you  already have a gateway 3ds , firstly , thanks for the your support , but now , due to the official team have released the newest version , all the old card need to be updated .
So this post aims to show you how to update the gateway 3ds to the latest firmware V2.1 .

Step 1  Download the latest gateway 3ds firmware:  gateway 3ds V2.1 OMEGA
After donwload , you would get :

gateway 3ds flashcart

Unzip  it

gateway 3ds flashcart

Now you can see the files of the folder , then we will use them separately

gateway 3ds flashcart
Step 2    set up the gateway 3ds blue card

(1)Get a micro sd card , any size would be fine (format it before you use it ) .  Open the blue card folder, and copy all the contents inside to the root of your micro sd card.   Then the contents on the root of the micro sd card should be like this as below .

gateway 3ds update V2.1

(2)insert the gateway 3ds blue card with sd card together into your 3ds console.  power on

gateway 3ds flashcart

(3)Click the icon to enter  , and then click the micro sd card


gateway 3ds flashcart

(4)Click the gateway installer to install

gateway 3ds flashcart

(5) Click A to start according to its Hint

gateway 3ds flashcart

(6) Just wait until the installation finish

gateway 3ds flashcart

(7) Click the “ Home” button back to the home menu and keep the power on.

gateway 3ds flashcart

(8) Then take out the gateway 3ds blue card.

Step 3   Set up the sd card.

(1) Format the sd card before you use it
(2) Back to the folder which you have downloaded in the step 1, find the GW-OMGEGA-2.1-RELEASE  , as the pic below

gateway 3ds flashcart

(3) open it and you can see  the Launcher.dat file

gateway 3ds flashcart

(4) Copy it and put it on the root of your sd card.

(5) Insert the sd card back into the 3ds slot, go to the system settings nintendo.

gateway 3ds flashcart

(6) Click it

gateway 3ds flashcart

(7) Click other settings

gateway 3ds flashcart

(8) Click Profile

gateway 3ds flashcart

(9) then the console will show

gateway 3ds flashcart

gateway 3ds flashcart

gateeway 3ds flashcart

(10) Press A

gateeway 3ds flashcart

(11) on the PC , Put your 3ds games on another micro sd card (also format the sd card before you use it, the bigger size one ) , as you can see them as below .

gateway 3ds flashcart

(12) and then put the sd card with gateway 3ds red card into the 3ds console, it will show
(13) Press A to close the message
(14) Just click “start” to update

(15) wait until the update finish

(16) Update done, press A  to exit

(17) press Select button , then the game icons will show on the top screen

gateway 3ds flashcartgateway 3ds flashcart


(18) use the left and right button to choose one game and play.

gateway 3ds flashcart


choose one , i take the pokemon for example , press A to start games

gateway 3ds flashcart



One thought on “How to update gateway 3ds card to gateway 3ds V2.1 OMEGA

  1. good instruction for setup gateway 3ds for firmware 2.1 update, my card works now. thank you:)

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